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October 2017 – Connie & Dean Cockshutt

“…Once I contacted GHS I realized that someone else had already done all the research …”


Global Health Shift was recommended to me by a friend who heard that my husband and I were unhappy about paying so much for dental care here in Alberta. We were discussing travelling elsewhere for our dental work and were just starting to do our research.

Once I contacted GHS I realized that someone else had already done all the research and we could use their expertise and go on a warm dental holiday. They would do all the work and send us an itinerary after we told them what we needed, and what we hoped to do after our dental work was over.

They put us in touch with a good travel agent who booked us into a well-located hotel in Cancun.

We filled out some paperwork online, sent them a small deposit (that would be applied to our dental work) and an estimate of what we thought we might need to be done. They assured us that we could ask for our x-rays to be sent to our us via internet from our present dentist which ended up being no problem. After sending the x-rays to GHS the suggestions of work that may need doing came back from the dentist. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any x-rays to send so I was going down with just some guesswork.

Tanya at GHS arranged for us to be picked up by the dental office staff and taken directly to the office. She sent us a detailed itinerary with our flight info, hotel info, contact info, suggestions of nearby activities and offered to be in contact with us on our holiday as much as we wanted via text messages.

What I like about GHS is that they can give you options of trusted facilities that they have researched and used themselves or know others who have used them, and they will do as little or as much as you want for your holiday planning. And they helped us save so much money!

We have already recommended GHS to friends and even to people on the plane on our way home. If we need to consider alternate locations for future medical issues we will be contacting Global Health Shift.

September 2017 – Tim Plett

“…we did not know where to begin…”

If you’ve heard about the possibility of travelling to Mexico for dental services but don’t know where to start there is no better starting point than Tanya Greffard at Global Health Shift.

My wife Faye and I were at that point. We had heard of people combining tourism with dental work but never took advantage of the possibilities simply because we did not know where to begin.

Tanya patiently worked with us, helping us to select a clinic, doing all the hard work of getting quotes together for us from reputable clinics.

In the end she connected us with an excellent clinic in Cancun and introduced us to a travel agent who put together the travel and accommodations side of the trip.

It was a job superbly well done.

Tim Plett, Calgary


October, 2016 – John S, Calgary

“I now recommend dental work in Mexico every chance I get!”

“I approached Global Health Shift because the cost of my dental treatment plan was too high, even though I have great coverage, and I needed options. Global Health Shift assessed my needs and presented me with choices for out of country dentists.

The dentist I chose was meticulous and very thorough. He took his time to ensure everything was perfect. I had an opportunity to get a second opinion and was pleased to have my opinion validated by an American trained dentist!

Global Health Shift arranged for me to be picked up at the San Diego airport, and driven to my hotel in Tijuana. They arranged my transportation to and from my appointments. They also made restaurant, taxi and event recommendations.

I stayed a few extra days to tour around and allow for some time to recover in the sun. I enjoyed a couple nights falling asleep to the sounds of the waves on the beach! I enjoyed some fantastic lobster.. .All of this on Global Health Shift’s recommendations!

Considering my expenses, for all of this, were less than the portion I would have paid in Canada, I would recommend Global Health Shift to anyone considering out of country options for medical or dental!  And I now recommend dental work in Mexico every chance I get!“

September 2013 – Sarah P

“I actually saved enough money to pay for a couple return trips…”

Beach on the ocean coast, over looking the mountains.In September 2013 I was advised by an Alberta dentist that I needed a 3 crown bridge, and was quoted $4500.00.  I was shocked by the price and wasn’t really prepared to pay that amount. We already had a trip planned to Mexico, so I decided to look on the web and see if what I had heard about dental work in Mexico was true.  I located a clinic in Nuevo Vallarta, started an email conversation with the manager, who happened to be Canadian. He managed the clinic for his wife, a Mexican dentist.  While I did more research on the web, checked references etc. I received a quote from for $900. I decided to go for it and I booked an appointment for as soon as I arrived.

I was comforted when in the waiting room, I met other Canadians, some Americans, and some local Mexicans.  It was determined at the first appointment that I also needed a root canal which was $360, so we added an extra appointment.   This root canal was covered by my Alberta Blue Cross dental plan and was the best root canal I ever had! I was impressed with their advanced technology, they used digital x-ray’s therefore you do not need to wear the heavy vest.  I had a third appointment to have my crown fitted within the 10 days I was there. I am very happy with the work and have had no issues with the crown or root canal.  I actually saved enough money to pay for a couple return trips, and I am going back this winter for a hygiene appointment and to tend to some fillings.

When I tell people that I had dental work in Mexico, they tend to be surprised and curious.


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