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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it really cost less when you add in travel/hotel etc?
    Depending on what work needs done – yes – even with air/hotel (sometimes even still on two visits) is still less than just dental at home.  When you are considering medical – only you can determine if it ‘costs’ less when you have to wait and wait and wait.  How does that affect your job or your personal life?  How many medications are you taking to subside any pain or discomfort and what is that doing to your health and lifestyle?
  • Will I come home with one less organ?  (We were seriously asked this by our first client)
    You will come home with all of your organs.  We only work with highly accredited facilities.  If we would not send our own parents there – we won’t recommend you go there!
  • Is it safe? Yes.  Whenever you have a medical or dental treatment there are complications risks – that’s the reality.  Having your procedure in Canada or the US does not change these risks.
  • Safety in general:  If you go looking for trouble you will find it – in Calgary, in Vancouver, in Saskatoon, in Edmonton, in Mexico, in Costa Rica, in Guatemala.  Don’t go down dark alleys at night…common sense must prevail at some point.
  • How much do I pay upfront?  Each specialty is different – with dental you pay a small deposit to hold your spot and the balance is paid after your appointment is done.  For medical treatments, you pay a deposit to hold your spot and you pay your bill before your surgery.
  • How much do I pay Global Health Shift?  Nothing.  The dentists or doctors pay us out of their existing profit.  You are not ‘up-charged’ because you are a medical tourist.  We collect a small administrative deposit to cover the work we do to arrange everything, but that amount comes off your deposit to the facility.
  • How do I plan all of this?  You don’t have to!  We will plan as much or as little as you want us to.  We can connect you to a great travel agent (or use your own!).  We book your appointments, treatment transports and gather all your quotes.  We provide you with a detailed report about the area coupled with all the details about your treatments.
  • After I book things, then what?  You’ll get a detailed Trip Itinerary with all the details you need to travel with.  We will stay in touch with you as well as the facility during your trip.  When you get home, we’ll talk about your experience too!
  • What if I refer someone?  We enter you into our referral program and you will be rewarded as a thank you!
  • What if I only want to talk about what I need?  What if I don’t want to proceed yet, I just want to learn more?  That’s ok!  It’s important to educate yourself.  It’s important to gather information and think about if this is right for you.  We get it!  That’s why we are here!
  • How do you choose facilities?  Well, there are a lot of steps involved but here’s the gist:  We research, a lot.  This eliminates a ton of facilities.  Then we have video conversations to better understand practices, policies, procedures, and accreditations.  Then we book a trip and head to see them.  We tour the facilities, meet the staff, review practices and things like sterilization processes.  We talk about patient coordinators, English speaking staff, personal accreditations, facility accreditations, continuing education, future plants etc. We talk about expectations of us as facilitators, our expectations of them as a potential medical or dental choice.  We have a contract written here in Canada that is mandatory they sign.  This details expectations in writing.  We walk the neighbourhoods.  We look into local facilities.  We stay in multiple hotels (often changing every night) so that if you have questions, we can help.  This covers the gist of the steps we take to ensure you have a good experience.
  • Does everyone speak English?  Yes and no.  The people who will be working with you speak English, we have ensured that.  However, some of the facility staff may not.  (We had someone surprised that a janitor did not speak English).  We insist that there always be someone fluent in English with you.
  • Will I have a private room?  Probably.  You are entering their private medical system.  Prepare to be wowed by both the facility and the level of treatment.  You may come home with a different opinion of our facilities and only want private facilites in the future!
  • Is the technology comparable to Canadian technology?  It’s always equal to or oftentimes it’s better!  You are in a private facility.  Latin America invests a ton of money into the medical tourism sector.  This means some of the newest and most up to date equipment around!
  • Why is it less expensive?  Overhead, plain and simple.  THere are a lot of factors, but ultimately they all add up to overhead.  Costs of facilities, labour and equipment all cost less.  This does not mean that anything is substandard, it just means that mark-ups are lower.  Many of the countries offer what is referred to as the ‘lottery’.   Doctors will work in a remote area for a pre-determined amount of time.  After the time has passed, a good portion of their educational costs are covered by the government.
  • Do the materials meet international standards?  Yes at the facilities we work with.  Locations are often very proud and want to show us the materials they purchase and stress that they purchase the highest quality, not the lowest priced.
  • What happens if there is a complication when I get home?  Just like at home, you go to the dentist or doctor.  Dentists are very familiar with medical tourists – especially with our multi-cultural society in Canada.  You legally cannot be turned away from an emergency room in Canada.  It’s simple.  If there are complications, whether your treatment was in Canada or out of country, it’s important that you take care of you!
  • How do I get my x-rays?  Well, those are your property.  All you have to do is request that copies be emailed to you for your files.  If you are not comfortable explaining why you need them, don’t.
  • What do I send the doctors or dentists in order to get pricing?  Nothing.  We take care of all of that for you!  You only need to get us the information we request (will be different for everyone) and we will handle all the details for you!
  • How many doctors and dentists do you work with?  Tricky because that number changes frequently, we are always expanding.  While we are not a directory (with countless practitioners in every city) we are always working to ensure we have the right option for each client.  Depending on your unique needs, we will recommend different doctors or dentists.
  • How good are the doctors or dentists?  So good we would send our own family members, and friends.  Wait – we already have!!

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