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We help to increase employee satisfaction. Bold statement?  Yes.

We work with your company to help maximize your employee’s health spending dollars or insurance features, essentially increasing employee satisfaction.  Encouraging your company to save money, while your employees have their dental and medical taken care of in a tropical setting is an all around win.

Every medical/dental plan is built differently, we take the time to learn about your plan, where your employees can benefit and what makes the most sense for your company.  How much more productive will your team be when they are all healthy?  When they don’t have to stress about dental bills?  When they can get off the waiting list, into the surgical room and get back to living a healthy and more fulfilling life sooner?

In essence, we work with your HR department to become the trusted adviser to your employees, helping to vastly increase employee satisfaction.  What makes you stand out and retain positive and healthy employees?

Make this your new company buzz

“You’re going to Mexico again?”
“Yeah, my company encourages me to keep my teeth healthy, Mexico saves us a bundle!”
“What? Seriously? You guys hiring?”


“You’re curling tonight? I thought you had to wait a year and a half to get your knee operated on?
“Yeah, my company encourages me to get healthy now instead of waiting. I went to Costa Rica, into their private healthcare system, and had my surgery 6 months ago!”
“What? Seriously? Are you guys hiring?”

Don’t have a dental or medical insurance plan?  Have you looked online and found that the cost of Blue Cross or others is too high?  Have you considered a health spending plan, that doesn’t cost you anything?

At Global Health Shift, we work with you to help maximize your health spending dollars and even show you how to combine them with your travel budget to ensure you are keeping healthy and happy.

We will guide you through the process of selecting a doctor or dentist that fits your needs and budget.  We have made a point of travelling to meet every doctor or dentist we share with you, we have met their support staff, walked the neighbourhoods and toured their facilities.  With Global Health Sift you are in great hands!

  • Get that dental work you’ve been putting off,
  • Stop sitting on a waiting list for diagnostics,
  • Stop waiting for hip/knee/spine or weight-loss surgery
  • Take a look at the Integrative or Alternative cancer treatment centers we have toured
  • Reset your health on a healing holiday or relaxing retreat
  • Save a bundle on a lot, or a little cosmetic surgery
  • Explore the holistic side of dental, cosmetic surgery or retreats

Every step of the way, we are here to support you.  Here to answer your questions, here to provide you with everything you need to feel safe and confident travelling out of country for your medical or dental needs.  We will only recommend facilities and doctors we would send our our family members to.  You are in good hands, you are not alone.

Get in touch with any questions or concerns you may have.  Request some pricing or click the ‘let’s talk’ in the bottom right corner to chat live!  We really do look forward to meeting you and helping you through this process.

Do you have a facility you’d like us to review?  Do you have a retreat resort you are offering specials to Canadians? Is your resort facility located somewhere spectacular?

Please be in contact with your facility name and contact information and we can star the process.

We are constantly reviewing and planning to visit new facilities.

Our process is:

  • We will do our own research
  • Have a Skype conversation about your facility, credentials and offerings
  • Discuss our next trip to your location/s
  • Review your facility, meet you and your support staff, tour the neighbourhood your facility is located
  • Discuss our specific requirements for a long term partnership

Our current scope is Mexico and Costa Rica, with Guatemala next on our radar.


There is a lot to think about when considering out of country travel for your medical or dental procedures. We understand, we’ve been researching for a long time and we are here to answer your qeustions!

Whether you are a company, an association or a group of like-minded individuals, we would be happy to present and discuss your options. Think that you’d like a doctor available for questions? We can arrange that too!

Whether you are considering employee satisfaction, a girlfriends get-a-way, a support group of people travelling for similar procedures or are simply interested to learn more about this whole topic – we would be happy to come and discuss or present!

We understand both the curiosity and the skepticism – we were new to this at one point too!

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