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Are you curious about what your health options are?
Are you in pain and feel as though you have tried everything?
Have you left your Doctor’s office wondering if the treatment offered or the prescription given is really the best thing for your child?
Are you wanting to be more proactive so that you live longer and live better?
Look no further! Your Holistic Earth is here to support you. Let us help you find your ideal health solution.

Your Holistic EarthWhat we offer you…

  • A health match program so you save time, money, and energy by matching you with your ideal health solutions
  • A more preventable approach to health
  • Discount program so you can save on insurance and your out-of-pocket costs
  • Over 200 treatment options so you can find what works for you
  • Hundreds of pre-qualified health providers to ensure you find what fits
  • Complimentary resources to help you along your path to a healthier life

Here’s how we got our start: 

When DeeAnne Riendeau set up Your Holistic Earth, the first online holistic directory of its kind, one year ago, her goal was to remove barriers to finding alternative or holistic healthcare options in the Edmonton area. Her goal was to bring holistic practitioners together and help people in need find solutions.

In under 2 years more than 400 health providers from acupuncturists and chiropractors to BodyTalk practitioners and integrative body therapists have partnered with Your Holistic Earth.

While Riendeau has created exciting networking and marketing events for the practitioners, she’s also provided a Whole Health Assessment for people who do not know where to start. Your Holistic Earth offers an online assessment with a holistic professional who recommends a treatment plan for their individual needs.

Also available for purchase is a savings card that provides discounted services from most practitioners. Your Holistic Earth even offers subsidized programs to those who don’t have access to this type of care.

To learn more about our Health Matchmaking process or to see a complete list of our holistic practitioners and learn more about them, please visit our website!

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