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To ensure that you receive the treatment you need, we are happy to provide you with options in case a line of credit or other alternatives are not in the cards.

The next steps are easier than you may think, give us a call first to better understand your option or click one of the links below if you are ready to proceed.


We always recommend travel insurance. We recommend checking your current benefits and insurance packages first. Below are companies we have met in person and are working with ourselves.

If you are incorporated and do not yet have a health spending account, give one of these people a call. Looking for clarification about Health Spending Accounts? We are here to help, give us a call.

Medicard BlueiFinance Canada, Medicard Fixed Monthly Payment Program

Medicard is a simple, fast, financing option. The Medicard financing program ensures that you do not delay your treatment due to cost concerns by offering a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments.

Please contact Global Health Shift to send you your four easy step application form:

  1. Click here or the image below and fill out the form, indicating Global Health Shift is your service provider
  2. Medicard reviews and verifies information.  Once approved (with or without utilizing the co-signer option) Medicard will prepare a Disclosure Statement for you to sign and return with a copy of a void check (for auto debit) and photo ID.
  3. Medicard will issue GHS a completed Financing Confirmation & Funds Request form confirming approved financing.
  4. GHS will sign the applicable Funds Request portion of the above form and coordinate your payments to your doctor or dentist directly.

It’s easy – you get the ball rolling and we will take care of all the details, leaving you time to heal.


Vital Partners Inc.

Heading out of country to access medical services?  Many traditional benefits plans don’t cover these types of claims.  CRA allows incorporated business owners or self-employed individuals to deduct eligible health and dental expenses through a Health Care Spending account.

No annual fee, no set up fee, and:
– Your eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses becoVP_Logo_Finalme a 100% deduction for your company
– You or your employees receive a tax-free reimbursement

Curious what counts as an eligible expense?   Click here

Find out more about how a health care spending account can help you pay for your out-of-country services tax-effectively.”

Click here to learn more about how a Health Spending Account can help you and your company!

Langford Financial Inc.

LOGO Langford Financial INC - transparentWillis and Nancy Langford own and operate Langford Financial Inc. a boutique Financial Advisory practice specializing in Cash Flow Planning and Risk management. They are Licensed Insurance Agents offering cost-effective strategies for Life, Income Replacement and Travel Insurance.

Don’t leave the country without it.

If you are traveling outside of Canada in the next little while make sure you understand what you have for Travel Insurance. Here’s a couple of tips:

1.) Check your coverage. If you are depending on the coverage through your Credit Card or group plan at work read the fine print. There are limitations with this coverage, especially with the maximum days per trip it will cover.

2.) Make sure you have the Travel Card with you or the policy number along with the 1-800 number so that you can call your provider as soon as you may need medical help. Most providers of Travel Insurance will limit your coverage if you do not call them within 24-48 hours of a claim.

3.) If you are applying for Travel Insurance for a single trip or buying a multi-trip plan make sure you are covered for the actual days you will be away. And, answer the questions honestly and accurately.

4.) Don’t travel without Emergency Travel Insurance – the costs of medical care outside of Canada is ridiculously expensive. Buying this insurance is not that costly. I know of 2 people in the past few months who have made claims while in the US and the insurance covered them.

Specialty Medical Complications / Travel Coverage

While the risks of medical complications from our highly qualified providers are low,  all surgical procedures carry certain risks and complications can and do occur.  We are proud to partner with Custom Assurance Placements, who administer the Global Protective Solutions (GPS) program.  GPS is the worldwide leader in providing risk mitigation solutions specifically for medical travelers / tourists.

Usually standard travel insurance excludes medical travel activities, and thus will not provide any benefits in all likelihood, and certainly no coverage in the event of a complication from a scheduled elective surgery.  Further, when a medical complication does happen it is usually the patient’s responsibility for paying the additional medical expenses.  By enrolling to participate in the GPS program, this gives you the needed peace of mind.

GPS provides benefits and services for both travel related accidents / illness as well as a host of benefits in the event of a medical complication that is a result from your scheduled elective procedure.  It is the only package available that provides protection while you are in the host country as well as when you return home for a period of 6 months.  Travel companion coverage can also be chosen.

Ease your mind in knowing that you can receive outstanding medical care at reasonable prices and enjoy the added benefit of knowing that if there is a complication you are protected.

Ease your mind in knowing that you can receive outstanding medical care at reasonable prices and enjoy the added benefit of knowing that if there is a complication you are protected.

To receive a quote for coverage follow the below link:
GPS – Medical Complications Coverage Application

For more information visit:
Global Protective Solutions

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