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Health Spending Accounts (HSA)

If you are a business owner and do not yet have a health spending account, give one of these great companies a call.

What does a health spending account bring to you or your small business?  Freedom.  Freedom to spend your health dollars as you need to use them not as designed by a large governing body.  Freedom to have the work done you deem most important.  Freedom from worry.

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Vital Partners Inc.

Heading out of country to access medical services?  Many traditional benefits plans don’t cover these types of claims.

CRA allows incorporated business owners or self-employed individuals to deduct eligible health and dental expenses through a Health Care Spending account.

 What is an eligible expense?

1 – Service must be performed by a licensed medical practitioner
2 – Items must be prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner & dispensed by a licensed medical practitioner or a pharmacist.

Curious what counts as an eligible expense?

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No annual fee, no set up fee, and:
– Your eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses become a 100% deduction for your company
– You or your employees receive a tax-free reimbursement

Find out more about how a health care spending account can help you pay for your out-of-country services tax-effectively.

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