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Shout out to This Hour Has 22 Minutes for this great video about today’s medical patient below, we love your sense of humour!

Truth Bomb:  Sadly, today is as good as it gets for the Canadian Medical System.

Our doctors, nurses, and support staff work SO hard to keep up.  With explosive medical costs, a need for more funding and an increase in people needing medical attention, we really are looking at ‘as good as it gets’.  That’s reality.

Our aging Baby Boomer population bubble is only now starting to put a huge draw on our system.  This is just the beginning.  By looking out of country for services you can have performed now, not countless months from now, you are taking pressure off the system, and increasing your health.  By looking out of country for services not available here, you are improving your health and taking pressure off the system.   By taking care of what your health needs are now, you are taking pressure off your system.  You are getting back to living, getting back to your day to day activities, sports, a normal work day and the ability to play with your children or grandchildren.  Your health should be more important than the belief that our system is all that is available.

We have been brought up to feel that we have the best medical system in the world – and it was, it really was.  The problem is that right now it’s broken, with no repair in sight.  If you are tired of waiting to be healthy, tired of waiting to be out of pain and tired of all the medication while you wait to get there, it may be time for you to consider Medical Tourism.

This is something you should not consider lightly.  There are so many variables, so many options and so many potential decisions to make.  Contact a facilitator – someone who has met the doctors, someone who has toured the facilities, someone who has pre-vetted for you.

Not sure how to choose a medical facilitator?  See our “How to Choose my Medical Tourism Facilitator” report here.

Want to know more about Medical Tourism?  Check out our FAQ here.   Ask questions, get informed and work with a professional.  Let’s get healthy, and be smart about it!


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Posted by This Hour Has 22 Minutes on Tuesday, November 14, 2017