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Corporate Medical Tourism

What increases absenteeism and decreases general employee morale?

  • Unhealthy employees
  • Long medical wait times (both diagnosis and specialist)
  • The cost of dental treatment
  • The cost or lack of availability of alternative treatment
  • An employer who isn’t doing all they can to help

With healthy employees who have options, you will see an increase in productivity, employee satisfaction and most of all office morale.  It really can be that simple!

We will help get you there

Learn more about the concept of Medical Tourism and what the benefits are for your company and for your employees, then contact us for more information.


“The rising cost of employee healthcare coupled with long surgical wait times can have an impact on both employee stress levels
and their absenteeism rate, as well as increased corporate health costs.  Medical tourism offers a huge advantage in getting employees back to physical health as quickly as possible. In addition…Click here to read more…


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Special thanks to the Western Talent & Innovation Review, Feb 2018 edition