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Services Offered

Not sure where to start?pay-100337_1920

We’ve simplified the process:

1.  Contact us for quick pricing and learn about your options

2.  Supply diagnostics, we will gather quotes

3.  Choose your doctor and relax while we do all the planning!


We offer tips & tricks, hidden gems, unique travel packages and information based upon our own experiences.
We have the options you are looking for, the possibilities you may not never considered, savings your bank account will appreciate and we ensure you receive treatment on your schedule,  with little to no wait time.
  •   introduce you to safe, accredited and reputable practitioners
  •   arrange flights and accommodations
  •   assist with travel insurance
  •   advise on financing
  •   help you with medical and travel visas when necessary
  •   and let’s not forget – ensure your stress levels are in check so you can have some fun while you are away

     Need help understanding the medical chatter? Visit our Terminology page!

Let’s proceed in a way that makes the most sense to you:

We understand that not everyone likes to move forward the same way.  Sometimes you just want someone to take care of the details, take care of the hassle and let you heal.  Or maybe it is just the fear of finding a reputable practitioner but prefer to do the legwork yourself.  We get that too!  Below is a list of services where you will find a few different options on how you can proceed.  Have an idea not listed below?  That works too!  Let’s talk!

Our basic package includes the following:

– Arranging quotes from doctors or dentists and organizing information to help you make an educated decision
– Secure transfer of your X-Rays, MRIs or medical data required to receive the most accurate quotes from our doctors and dentists
– Skype meetings with doctors or clinics, if required
– Communication of all details to arrange procedure
– Collect and process deposits
– Schedule and confirm all appointments with doctor or dentist
– Arrange Flights (if required)
– Arrange Accommodations (if required)
– Offer Travel tips and information about your chosen location and step by step ‘what to expect’
– Photos we have taken on site an in the surrounding area
– Assist with insurance submission paperwork upon return for available reimbursement (Provincial health insurance or applicable insurance/health spending)



Our freestyle program includes:
– A one-time fee for information for up to two doctors or clinics (depending on procedure)
– These will be doctors or clinics that we have visited, doctors we have met and trust to do great work and take good care of you.

This is for the client that is interested in a starting point, but would prefer to handle all of the details on their own. No additional services would be offered.



Our concierge will package include everything in the basic package plus:coming-soon-1604663_640

  • Facilitating additional services while away
    •  Pet care, home cleaning and/or home checks
  • Facilitating additional services upon your return:
    • Meals, house cleaning, dog walker



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