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If you could easily justify dental expenses in a tropical climate, would you be interested?dental-fb-implant-crown-2

Wishing you had dental insurance? or better coverage? Due to lack of coverage and general overall cost, checkups are often neglected and they don’t need to be. Looking to get more substantial work done? Dental work covers a broad range of items from fillings to a brand new smile.

Subsidize your vacation with what you will save on dental. Make a quick stop to an accredited dentist, in a warm tropical climate, for a fraction of the cost!

Whatever your dental needs, we have great dentists in amazing locations that will treat you with the care and attention you deserve, at a fraction of the cost.

General dentistry covers a broad range of items, from initial consultation through to a new smile!

Panoramic X-Rays from $75
Crowns from $250
Zoom Whitening from $200

…and so much more!

Have you received a treatment plan recently?  Contact us today for a free price comparison!

While many of the same items covered in general dentistry also land in cosmetic dentistry, the focus here is a brand new smile!

A great smile can help you look youthful and confident!

Veneers from $200
Crowns from $250
Implants from $550
Bone grafts as low as $300

You want to look and feel your best and your smile is a big part of that. This is the uninsured section of our dental system, and opens the door to saving a mint!

Contact us today to find out how.

Bio Dentistry ensures that best practices are used to safely remove all unhealthy materials and any areas in your mouth where bacteria has the opportunity to form and grow. Working with your body as a whole vs. just your teeth is the driving force behind this form of dentistry.

Biological dentists operate with a belief that there is a connection between our teeth and our organs through Qi (pronounced CHI). Discovered thousands of years ago Qi is an energy that flows through the human body. When healthy, it flows smoothly. If the flow is disturbed, disease may result.

Each meridian connects to particular organs in our bodies and work together to create balance or Yin and Yang. Each Yin organ is connected to a Yang organ – and as such are connected to specific teeth. (Heart with small intestine, liver with gall bladder, kidney with bladder, lungs with large intestine, stomach with spleen, etc).

Health issues?  Check this tooth to organ relationship chart.  You may be surprised!  
(This is a link to Google Images – review the chart that resonates best with you).

Interested to see what a holistic approach to your teeth and health looks like? Contact us today!

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