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Trans Identity Border Crossing

New rules for gender at borders! Barbara Findlay, QC Blog 11/24/2016   As every trans flier, and every CIS flyer who doesn't 'look like' the gender expectations of transportation authorities knows, there has been a 'gender check' by airlines. A new settlement of a...

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Down the Rabbyt Holelyndsay



Transgender Woman Speaks Out in World of Uncertainty

The recent election in the United States has stirred up a lot of insecurity for the LGBTQ community in North America but Lyndsay Labrecque, a transgender woman from Lethbridge, Alberta, is not afraid to be true to herself and speak up for those who do not have a voice.

In a new five minute documentary, Down the Rabbyt Hole, Labrecque opens up about her conflicted childhood and how difficult it was for her to come to terms with being transgender. “I was raised Christian at the time and I would pray to God to make me a woman,” Labrecque confesses. She constantly felt the need to hide her clothing and femininity from the outside world, which eventually led to “depression and intense loneliness.”

For years Labrecque and her family misunderstood her confusion for cross-dressing until her early 20’s when she discovered the word transgender. She said, “It was a very very scary time but at the same time it was so liberating to connect with people who felt exactly the same way I did.”

Realizing she needed to find a way to feel comfortable with herself, Labrecque turned to electronic music and became known in the Lethbridge DJ scene as DJ Rabbyt. She praised the culture of ravers and festivals as being “a place where you were allowed to be you.” After so many years of feeling bottled-up, she now feels her true self is just “exploding.”

Chantelle Kolesnik, Cinematographer and Editor from Deluxe Design Group (DDG) in Calgary, Alberta, knew Lyndsay years before she made the transition and thought it was important to tell her story. “It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling with gender identity issues, gender or racial stereotypes, or overall insecurities, you can relate to Lyndsay’s story because it’s universal. It’s a good reminder to stay true to yourself and accept others for who they are,” Kolesnik explains.

Down the Rabbyt Hole is part of a video series called Human Impact Stories that was started by Kolesnik. The purpose of the series is to act as a platform for people to tell their stories and make an impact on other people’s lives. Labrecque strongly believes “you are the only person that can decide who you are,” and she hopes this short documentary will encourage all of us to accept ourselves, accept others, and never apologize for doing what we love.

An ideal outcome would be to spread the word about Down the Rabbyt Hole, increase awareness and educate people about the transgender community, and help other people who are struggling with similar situations.

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