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SERVICESorthopedicsHead and shoulders, knees and toes…
Are your joints falling apart? Do you need some metal to hold you together? New hinges to reduce the creeks?
There are exceptional orthopedics surgeons available for surgery within days or weeks, rather than months or years. Operating in facilities that are state of the art, many hold certification in both North America and the country their clinic is located.
No one should have to suffer the wait times of the North American medical system to get their body moving again.
Let us know your unique requirements and we will supply you with options based upon our strict inclusion data.

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Snap! Crackle! Pop!
Sound like you in the morning?
Do you spend your whole day managing back pain?

Discouraged by long wait times, countless Canadians travel out of country to receive world-class treatment by top ranking international surgeons. Have you been told that there are only temporary fixes? We have cutting edge technology, we have solutions.

There are world class surgeons abroad with open operating rooms.


Remember when the ‘good old days’ meant a skinned knee, not a knee replacement?
Did you grow up watching the Bionic Man, wanting to be him? These days walking is painful, never mind running.
Over half a million people worldwide have knee surgery annually.


Hip surgery before reaching advanced deterioration = faster recovery with enhanced outcomes
No longer solely for those in their golden years. Doctors are now considering a person’s overall activity level, over a person’s age, when assessing patients for hip surgery and its success.
If you find that your hip joint damage causes pain in a way that interferes with daily activities, despite treatment, exercise and walking aids, hip surgery may be in your future.
• decreased pain
• increased mobility
• overall improvement in the types of activities you can participate in

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