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Considering weight loss surgery?  The question really isn’t whether or not you will lose weight – these surgeries are specifically designed for weight loss.  The question is how much weight will you lose?

There are a considerable number of variables to look at when considering how much weight you will lose with what surgery; BMI, height, current weight, proper food consumption, cheat days, support, preparation and pre-surgery counselling to name a few.

We have found great article about weight loss surgery, examples to weight loss and how to calculate your expected weight loss. While everyone is different it is still nice to start with a number, or an idea of where you can get to during your journey.

What will your weight loss calculation be?

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How long will you keep the weight off?

That all depends on your dedication to your new lifestyle.  Ensuring you are getting enough proteins, vitamins and minerals, coupled with exercise, will be key.  It’s not going to be easy, but you’ve got this!